For all you people who are for abortion…

…imagine that your parents had the same belief and you were aborted. Would you support it then? I guess we wouldn’t know because you wouldn’t live a life to have an opinion if that happened.

This is just another example of liberal hypocrisy.

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  4. sadiesmind said: My mum is pro choice. Has always been. At least I know they wanted me.
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    "What if YOU were aborted?!!!" I wouldn’t care for two reasons. 1, I would be non-existent. 2, I am not such a...
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    I’m pro-choice. (getting that out there) and what i’m about to say is not religious or spiritual or a metaphor or...
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    WAIT CAN I JUST POINT OUT that that is such a bullshit argument right there (from OP)? I mean that argument stands on...
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    DUDE WTF? How stupid can you get. If my parents had decided to abort me that’s that. No harm in my eyes. Sheit.
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    My mother seriously considered having me aborted. Clearly I wouldn’t have cared as I wouldn’t have existed. That’s no...
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    My parents had me later in their lives and there was a very high chance of me having some sort of mental/physical...
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    My mom was not trying to get pregnant when she did… She thought about aborting me and my dad put her through this...
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