Sounds like democrats…giving stuff to screaming children.

Sounds like democrats…giving stuff to screaming children.







Rudy Giuliani’s daughter arrested for shoplifting and is labelled ‘rebellious;’

Winona Ryder caught on camera shoplifting and found not-guilty.

Mike Brown ‘allegedly’ steals $.50 swisher and is executed for ‘robbery.’ 



This post doesn’t even make sense. Mike Brown wasn’t executed for “robbery”. He was executed for nothing. The police chief in Ferguson has admitted that at the time he was killed the officer was not stopping him in connection with his alleged “robbery”. Don’t tell me even people who want justice for Mike Brown’s killer have bought the bullshit line about his murder being related to a “robbery”. Please don’t tell me that.

But even if his alleged “robbery” had anything to do with his death, this post would still be a train wreck. What is the implication of it? That rich and powerful people can more easily get away with crimes? Is this news? Are you all that naive?

And don’t say “they’re white and he’s black.” (I’ve seen this post on here before pointing that out as the difference) Because if you seriously think the only different between the daughter of the governor of new york state, an (at the time) wealthy and famous movie star, and Michael Brown is race than I don’t think you’re looking hard enough. There’s literally too many differences to count. Wealth. Status. Connections. Power. Celebrity. The location of the incident, the jurisdiction into which the “crime” was prosecuted (hint: the people involved were separated by many many miles and years) These are only some of the obvious differences besides sex and race which are at play here.

The american criminal justice system is absolutely horrible, unjust, and rotten to the core. But this post is a train wreck in the classic tumblr model of a picture with a caption that serves no purpose but to cue rehearsed indignation and phony outrage based on a few short bullet points with no further explanation.

And damnit , mike brown wasn’t murdered.

Mike brown wasn’t executed at all. He was shot after beating a police officer to the point of breaking his orbital bone and charging towards him again after being told to stop. The robbery actually has little impact on the shooting.

Stop with the false narratives and getting played for idiots by race baiters who want nothing but power and money off of your ignorance.

What difference does it make?

I almost forgot…

I almost forgot…



Just in case you were wondering about the White House’s priorities.

The White House sent no representation to the memorial mass for journalist James Foley who was beheaded by the ISIS terrorist group but sent three officials to the funeral for Michael Brown, the young man from Ferguson MO…

How do you feel about government regulation in the marketplace?


It should be minimal.

Capitalism all the way.

That’s racist.

I recommend reading Animal Farm… It really illuminates the liberals’ agenda and their communist goal. The stupid American people don’t see this though…

I recommend reading Animal Farm… It really illuminates the liberals’ agenda and their communist goal. The stupid American people don’t see this though…

north american education system: COLLEGE???? COLLEGE COLLEGE
north american education system: COLLEGE
north american education system: *points at 16-year-old* WHAT YOU WANT DO WHEN IN COLLEGE?!?
north american education system: *picks up 7-year-old* WHY NOT THINK ABOUT COLLEGE!??!? COLLEGE
north american education system: *throws infant against the wall* YOU GOING TO COLLEGE
Sunday Anonymous Sunday!


Hi lovelies, just letting y’all know that anon is on! If you’d like to chat, vent or you have things you’d like prayer for, I’m here for you! I hope that everyone is having a great day!

I just want to voice my support for my state’s governor in his reelection campaign. Standing up for the middle class of Pennsylvania.

I just want to voice my support for my state’s governor in his reelection campaign. Standing up for the middle class of Pennsylvania.








This is Tim, owner of Tim’s Place. He has Down Syndrome, but he’s not sad or suffering. He’s happy and loving, and he shares that love with everyone he meets through his restaurant, where he says the hugs are more important than the food. 

Richard Dawkins said yesterday on Twitter that, if you have the choice, bringing people like Tim into the world is immoral. He recommends having preborn babies who might end up like Tim ripped apart in the womb or given a heart-attack-inducing drug. That’s the moral and civilized thing to do, he says. 

The twitter user who had originally asked him what he thought then continued to ask whether people with Autism should be aborted before birth if the mother knows while she’s still pregnant. He says that people with Autism have a lot to contribute, while people like Tim don’t.

So apparently, your contribution to society is what makes you valuable. Or is it your emotions

Dawkins was quick to cover his tracks, insisting that he didn’t wish that anyone currently living with DS had been aborted. 

But his comments still stand. He hasn’t backed down from what he thinks “the right thing to do” after a prenatal DS diagnosis is. In Dawkins’ view, it’s immoral to bring someone like Tim into the world. Despite the fact that our ability to care for people with DS has greatly increased over the last few decades and people with DS now have a much greater quality of life, it’s apparently immoral for their mothers not to kill them in the womb.

If Dawkins had his way, we’d be facing a future without people like Tim. I don’t want that. Do you?

I think he means that it’s be better if Tim had a chance to be neuro typical.

Are you suggesting that when a baby is aborted, it reincarnates? Aborted children don’t get born. If the parents later actually have a child, it will be a different child. The first one remains dead.

The body of the first child never was born, so the first child never came to be. If later there is a child born, then it’s a different body and a different potential for life. But to say that you lost a person when the first fetus died is a bit like saying that periods are another form of potential life being robbed it’s chance, rite?

No, not right at all. You’re showing a misunderstanding of basic biology.

When a period happens, all that’s lost is an unfertilized egg. Just a cell. No human life there.

After conception, we have a living, growing human being with individual DNA and an individual body, receiving only nutrients, oxygen, and shelter from mom.

In fact, we can say the fetus is not part of the woman’s body because the mom likely doesn’t have Down Syndrome, but the baby does.

If you get a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome, there is already a person in existence who might have a chromosomal anomaly. That anomaly doesn’t make them deserving of death any more than Tim’s extra chromosome makes him deserving of death.

Aren’t egg cells living? And dont they have their own unique DNA? And doesn’t it grow, only with the encouragement of healthy sperm? I guess I’m having a hard time understanding the difference in loss. I don’t see a zygote or a fetus as a being, since that’s a very complicated term that we even have yet to define.
I *do* know that if it is to be considered a human “being”, it likely wouldn’t be assigned any more rights than the next human being, and one of which is the right to bodily autonomy. If a person doesn’t consent/continuously consent to being another “person’s life support system/donating an organ to save a life, ect ect, then that person has a right to reject helping the other “individual”.
Do you see my point? If the fetus is a person, it only gets as many rights as everyone else, and even then, it doesn’t grant them the right to use other people’s bodies, even their parents’.
If it’s *not* a person/human being, then it has no rights, and cannot force/keep itself inside of another person without that person’s consent.

Unfertilized eggs don’t have their own DNA. They have half the genetic information of the mother. The sperm contributes the other half of the genetic information necessary to create a whole human person. Only at that point does a new human life begin, and only then can the new human life grow and develop.

This is basic biology. We really should be past this point.

The fetus, then, is a human person with the same right to life as anyone else. The right to life comes above all other rights. That’s why the only justification for killing someone is when you are defending your own life or the life of someone who can’t defend him or herself (this extends to our military defending our country).

They send the national guard to #Ferguson, but not to the border to deal with the immigration crisis… #SecureTheBorder

They send the national guard to #Ferguson, but not to the border to deal with the immigration crisis… #SecureTheBorder


Chris Pratt worked with Marvel and Children’s Miracle Network Hospital to arrange a special screening of Guardians of the Galaxy for patients, families and staff at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Wednesday. While the movie played, Pratt snuck out and dressed up as his character, Star-Lord. He spent more than three hours in full costume and handed out movie-themed toys. Pratt also visited patients in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, the Children’s Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases, and the Pediatric ICU, as they were too sick to join the movie screening that afternoon.

Pratt spent extra time with one patient, Dylan Prunty, who is a longtime Lego fan and recognized the actor’s voice from The Lego Movie. They spent about 10 minutes reciting different scenes from the film.

Chris Pratt is awesome.

I love these stories where the celebrity not only does something cool like this, but also goes above and beyond the photo op. He could have just walked around, handed out toys, signed some autographs, and left. But he spent time with these kids and made them feel like someone they look up to cares about them.


Boom #donttreadonme #2a #comeandtakethem #dtaposse #wedoourpart


Boom #donttreadonme #2a #comeandtakethem #dtaposse #wedoourpart